hmm well theres room for improvement.

First of all pan the guitars, try putting the Overdriven guitar (which you should probably change to Distorted because the Midi Patch sounds terrible) into the Left speaker and the Distorted Guitar into the right.

About the Acoustic, fix those chords because they sound horrible. Also it's inconsistent to have random instruments come in and out of a song and doesn't work that well when recording.

About the Piano, i'm guessing your not a pianist but still do your best to change the odd wrong sounding note and that outro could use alot of work.

Add some Rehearsal signs to make the song more structured and easier to follow.

If you do not understand any of the refrences I have made then check the Help Section on PTE as you seem fairly new to Power Tab.

The positives are that some of those riffs and sections were good, the chords seemed okay but could use the odd note changed to make them flow and easier to listen too, keep practicing and you should get the hang of Powertab and this song could be a real winner.

Your turn to help me then, how did you attach a Powertab to your post? because I might try this for some of mine.
when you make a new thread there should be a thing that says manage attatchments and you go there and upload your file. but a powertab or midi or all the other versions must be put into a zip file im assuming you can do this then you just uplaod it as an attachment.

the chords in the beginning sounded more off than what they do now. when i wrote this i was on an acoustic with a capo on the 3rd fret but leaving the little e open and the chords were supposed to sound nasty. but it is a little much with how it went together on there. i had so much ideas for the song and it was hard to stick to one thing. i am not a pianist i was trying to use arrpeggios that would fit there but im not good with those so i kinda just winged it. thank your for the points. and i hope i helped you out to