im using a korg chromatic tuner CA-30

ok this might sound dumb

my top string when i tune down it says Eb but the A string says G# but people are saying it should be Eb Ab Db Gb Bb eb when i tune mine down it says Eb G# C# F# Bb eB....

lol help
i guess thats just how your tuner works, they are the same notes however
Ab and G# are the same note, as are the others.
They are just differently named.
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Learn about enharmonic equivalents.

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g sharp and a flat are the same note

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The tuner should say Ab when tuning down from A, and G# when tuning up from G. Strange. Or maybe not.. I wouldn' know. I don't use tuners. You can always tune down half a step by tuning the A string so it matches the 4th fret of the low E string, making it an Ab. Next, tune the low E string down until its fifth fret matches up with the Ab, because this will mean the open E string will now be a Eb. Then, tune the resty of the4 strings like you would normally, starting with the D string.
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This concept confused the hell out of me at first too. Like people are saying, those are both the same thing.

The easiest way I found to think of it was thinking of "half steps." There is a note in between 'A' and 'B.' You can think of it as either a somewhat high A or a somewhat low B. Whichever way you think of it, it's the same thing. If you decide to call it a somewhat high A then it's an A#. If, instead, you want to think of it as a slightly low B then it's a Bb. Whichever way you decide to think of it, it's the same thing. It just has two names.
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Use the tuning thread at the top of this forum.

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