I have a few blogs, the one I post in regularly being on my yahoo 360 page. I want to start over though, I want to start a blog where nobody knows I have one, so I won't have people who know me reading it, but it will be a new way for people who don't know me to get to know me.

So...where do I start it? Uhm....*scratches head*

What do you guys use/recomend/have heard of? I don't know if I'm looking for stuff in particular, but maybe interesting layout, cool features, and I know some sites only allow you to upload so and so many MBs of pics, if there is one I'd like a place that doesn't really have a limit, or at least, not a very small one.

Blogging is fun!! I already have a name thought up for it .
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Then he got cramp and couldn't get the tape of without scissors.