I need help wiring up an older guitar that operates using a 2 humbucker/2 volume/2 tone configuration but the trick is that it uses two kill switches which operate each pick up. I cannot, for the love of god, find anything on the net and have tried various 1 kill switch diagrams but I really need the exact 2 kill switch diagram. This is a vintage guitar so the guy doesn't want anything changed. I've cleaned both switches and all pots so everything works. It's just the matter of finding the right wiring diagram. I would REALLY appreciate it if anything could help me out. Thanks a lot!
theyre not techinally killswitches. a killswitch earths the signal so no sound comes out. this setup will break the signal path. as 2 'normal' killswitches would kill the sound from both pups.

neck pup---(neck volume pot)-----SPST------jack

bridge pup---(bridge vol)------SPST------Jack also

left off the tones, but basically put an on/off switch between the pups anf the jack

thats my guess. come back if it doesnt work

actually put it in GBnC if it doesnt
Get off this damn forum and play your damn guitar.