Ive been told that to advance further, I need to get my timing spot on. To do that, I need to play different rhythms well. Could someone suggest songs with rhythms which are a bit different and could possible help me. I've tried playing coldplay, but some of the chords they use are too off stream and I cant seem to get it right. Anything else though would be greatly appreciated.
The Past Recedes - John Frusciante!

Try it, very fast, fun rhythm! and interesting chords!
Moving To New York by The Wombats I learned it just the other day I think it's an ace song, hope this has helped you. Woo hoo first comment!
you could also buy a metronome and use that to time yourself to the beats per minute.c also you can strum muted strings along with the song on cd or whatever and learn he pattern that way then fill in the chords as your playing skills increase.
Photograph by Nickelback if played right

the chords sound hard, but they aint