Alright, I might sound like an idiot here, I don't know.

I just bought a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Amp:


It's a tube amp and I got it from Long & McQuade second hand. I don't actually know anything about tube amps (this is my first one). Of course it's a great amp but I've noticed a sound coming out of the amp. It's hard to describe my friends said it sounds like a dying bird or like somethings burning. I've already used this amp for a show and it was fine but I was wondering if this is just how a tube amp works making this sound (is it just the tubes?) or should I take it back to get it inspected/fixed or just return it. I really don't know anything about tube amps so what should i do.

Also I'm assuming on all tube amps the tubes get extremely hot while and for a bit after use? Yeah... I found that out the hard way.

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Yeah, tubes get hot. I'm not sure about the sounds, but since it's used it might be a good idea to have a pro check it out anyways.
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that's what i was thinking, just wanted to check on here so i don't look like an idiot in the store
The heat can't cause any harm. The only thing that may be useful to know about it is that as the tubes get hot the sound gets nicer
well, if you bought it second hand it may need a tube replacement anyway. If you friend knows amps pretty well and he says it sounds like a dying bird or whatever then bingo again. I just don't know what else it would be.

also tubes will get hot, too hot to touch as you found out, but they shouldn't get so hot that they start melting the PCB board or other components so you may have some other issue like a transformer or something.

if you get the tubes swapped keep the old ones anyway in case that was not the problem.

and - if you can post a clip of this sound you are referring to that might help someone who knows more about amps than i do.