I've had this guitar for almost 6 years now. A friend of mine got it off some guy and he gave it to me.

It's a Ventura and the model is almost identical to the ES-335 except it doesn't have any f-holes. Maybe it isn't the ES-335 model. I just don't know.

Does anybody have any information on this guitar? I'm looking to sell it to buy and amp and I don't even know what a reasonable asking price would be.
It looks like it's in pretty good shape so I'd guess at least 300 bucks.
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oh yeah? well larry king the slayer guitarist owns bc rich guitars. (i think)
Take it down to a store and see if they can value it, it looks pretty sweet though
yea 300 is good. maybe another 50 or so but in that range.
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lol id buy it too that thing is beautiful
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Hmmm...well I'm trying to trade it in to Guitar Center for store credit on an amplifier. I guess asking $400 is a good starting point. I'm just worried that the guy will have no idea how much it's worth.