This is a song from a demo I'm currently in the process of making. Please leave any crits you like. Thank you

A gentle breeze blows, as the waves crash against the shore
A couple walks down the beach, as it starts to pour
They head back to their condo, as they start to be drenched
A killer stalks them, whose thirst must be quenched
He follows the couple, with the thirst for blood
The couple has no clue, while the road starts to flood
The killer approaches, when they reach for the door
Ten minutes later, it’s covered in gore.
The killer devours their corpse, as they bleed
He feels so much better, as he satisfies his need
He cleans up his mess, and heads back to his hole
Where he comes up with ways to achieve his next goal

Beachfront killer; no conscience, no pain
Beachfront killer; your death, is his gain
Beachfront killer; your life’s in his hands
Beachfront killer; he lives in the sands
Its ok. A fairly unique idea (the title for some reason makes me think "Cortez the Killer") but I think it gets a little sketchy in the middle (also "corpses" would be better than "corpse"). I did like the part about "heads back to his hole" and the idea of a weird old killer hermit guy living in the sands of some beach fills me with intrigue! I think it could actually sound cool with either a gunslinger/western type of instrumentation or a surf rock type.