So, I can't seem to find a song.
I am looking for a song that is more of single picking notes, then chords and power chords. There can me chords but not for the whole song. Also I'd like it to be easy/medium level of difficulty.
I need to find one for tomorrow.

I've all ready learned Do it or Die by Die Mannequin and Misery Buisness by Paramore.

I like bands like Billy Talent, Alexisonfire, Paramore, Protest the hero, Die Mannequin, IllScarlett, Cancer Bats, My Chemical Romance, Attack in Black(if someone could tab the rest of youngleaves that'd be awsome), City and colour,Silverstein,

I play eletric so you know.
I'll name some more later.

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Hmm, maybe some As I Lay Dying stuff like "Forever"? I could think of a few more if I scrounged around my library...
What about songs like stairway to heaven, it kinda sounds like what your talking about, and the song (including the solo) is pretty simple. The solo is pretty much ALL pentatonic.