Im upgrading my rig and im looking at these cabs / heads:

Ashdown MAG300 + Ashdown 4x10"

Marshall MB head + Marshall MB 4x10"

Marshall MB 1x15" combo + 2x10" cab

Also, i've noticed Gallien Krueger backline cabs are quite cheap, is this because they are crap? or are they good?
I could pair the Ashdown or Marshall head with the GK cab.

So what combination of head / cab is best..?????
any comments on any of the amps mentioned are welcome.
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GK low end stuff is not good. I know that much. But if you go Ashdown you may as well get the MAG600, its the same price as the 300 lol. Have you played any of these amps.

I played an Ashdown MAG300 with the 4x10" at a gig and it sounded great whilst easily cutting through a bloody loud drummer and equally loud guitarist.

I'm edging towards the ashdown because I KNOW its good
Next the marshall because obviously they are a V respected company, although i have not tried the MB (it could be crap).
The GK was just a thought really.
The Marshall MB Series is just like the MG series of the Guitar world, they're pretty poor amp's in comparision to lot's of other amp's available for a bit more cash added to it.

Ashdown's Bass gear is amazing from what I've played also, the 300 is a fairly good amp in comparision to the MB.
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marshall sux, mine blew up, now i love ashdown
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definatly go for the ashdown,
if you've ever visited the pit or the electric guitar section you'll know just how bad the guitar equivalent is (MG series), the same applys to the bass version.
I've heard that the Gallien Krueger backline cabs are cheap because they over-rated the wattage on it, e.g. if they say its 100 watts it might only be about 70, but apparently the sound quality on them isnt too bad.