So I took a good look at the sticky's and used the search function a little but this forum is full of redundancy so why not?

I own an Ibanez RG2550EGK, it had been awhile and my intonation on my low E was off a bit so I decided to take a couple days after work and fix up the guitar. Keep in mind the strings are old and pretty worn which I know will cause some issues but I am not an idiot (I know... my forum name...).

So I started by adjusting my tremolo and getting it back to parallel with my body. As you all know with FR bridges everything takes a long time so I spent my time with every adjustment to make it sure it was fine when all tuned.

After adjusting the tremolo springs I adjusted the bridge height a little to lower my action just a tad. The action seemed to increase just a bit when I adjusted the springs so I didn't see any harm in it but I ended up with a lower action which is still fine. I would have provided numerical values for my action height but alas I don't own one of those small rulers (whatever they are called).

Anyways all was good through the tremolo springs and bridge height (no buzzing, etc). So now I moved onto intonation which by this point was off a bit on all my strings. I don't have a very good tuner (low end Korg) so this wasn't very fun/easy and I had to resort to my ear when it got really close which is okay since I have a halfway decent ear. Anyways I went string by string loosening then adjusting the saddle until the intonation was correct. Once again not a quick process but it has to be done.

So after all of this it seems like my guitar is in good shape right? I was playing it and there is still some nuances in certain chords which really boggles me but I won't revert back to intonation correction until I put on new strings and get a better tuner. So I am playing some tunes, etc and it seems fine then I notice I am a little flat. So I check the tuner and sure enough all my strings are a little flat (once again I don't have any cent values, cheap tuner!). It wasn't like a half step flat, more like 1/4 step I'd say. Anyways, I tune it back up and go back to playing assuming it was just the tremolo screws/springs and saddles getting adjusted to their new placements. About a half hour later I notice I am flat again and it is late so I give up. So I am at work haha, and here is my story from the last few nights. Just wondering if anyone had any comments. SORRY for it being so long I just wanted to kind of validate myself as a non-idiot, I hope it worked!

Thanks for any help, much appreciated! (and no I didn't proof this in case of errors)
i used to have an RG and i had the same problem i sent days adjusting the tremolo and other stuff i even bought a new tuner couse i thought it wasn't working porperly but it didn't make a difference in the end i ended up taking it to a guitar shop and they did a total action reset on the guitar and the did it for free and i didn't have any trouble with it after that.
Hmm... that is not very reassuring, I don't know what I am not doing that they would be doing.

Thanks for the response though!
I get this when the trem isnt balanced properly. It looks right but don't return to pitch right? Further adjustsmene tmay be needed to get it perfect. There are 2 more things that are very important. 1) Get new strings, never ever adjust the setup on old strings as you will end up doing it all again with new strings. 2) lube the knife edges of the trem where they contact with the trem posts. I use chapstick as its 98% wax and wont corrode anything( props to the setup guides on Ibanezrules.com)
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Okay I will do this. Yeah I know about the old strings crap... I hope this fixes it, thanks!!