To start I would like to give 'hello' to everybody here at the forum.

I have come across a solo by one of my favorite bands, Bullet For My Valentine, and I'm trying to figure out what the best way to sweep it is.

Here's a tab for the first part of the solo(sweep picking):

*Tuning is in D standard and this is a view of the bottom 3 strings



          D U U D  D   D    U D U D  D  D      U D U D   D     D

D = Downstroke
U= Upstroke

EDIT: Sorry it came out a little sloppy . If you need me to explain anything I will be happy to do so.

Is that the best way to sweep it or is there an easier way to approach it?

Any help is appreciated,

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You could sweep it and use legato for the top notes, or just do what you are already doing.
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there shouldn't be any alternate picking- you sweep down (or up) the strings with one motion
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I appreciate all the help guys.

I'm going to play it with legato as that seems the easiest way.

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