Whenever I go to my guitar lesson I feel as though my teacher is always just teaching me songs. Now this may have been the way people used to learn but now with the internet I feel as though I can learn any song I want for free. He also has taught me some theory but I feel like I can learn that on the internet also or I can get a good theory book and learn from that. He also asks me what I want to learn when I go to my lesson but I go to lessons because I dont know exactly I should learn next to accomplish my goals in my guitar playing.

Does anyone have this same problem or do they know how to fix it?
I'd say find a new teacher. Every teacher is different.

I personally dont take lessons though. I just play with other musicians and seek out all I can on my own.
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My dad's a conductor and music teacher, so I don't have that problem.

Tell him what you want to learn. If you want, learn theory on the internet, and when you go and see him, ask him if you're doing it right. Ask him about advanced techniques and stuff, whatever interests you. You're in charge.