I'm in the process of a gear trade. I have 2 offers and a possible 3rd one tonight.
The 2 definite offers are:

1. Fernandes Ravelle Elite in Honey Burst w/ Sustainer (Korean model).

2. Jackson SLS MG soloist in Satin Black, with a Duncan TB and a 59.

This is a forum based trade, and I have only seen pictures of the guitar. I usually play classic rock, 90's alternative, and a bit of metal. I usually prefer Fender style guitars. If anyone has experience with any of these models, please help me out.

personally id go with the fernandes cause of the sustainer.

the soloist is more of a thrash guitar i think, and the pickups will be hotter.
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Have you played either and what are you trading? Those guitars are pretty different from one another.
I have not played either of them. I'm trading my Carvin AE 185, so I should be able to get some cash on top of the guitar...