I'm trying to start a webcomic, and I have most of what is needed except the ability to draw bodies. I can draw heads, just not bodies. Does anyone have any tips on how to draw human bodies? thanks
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But not too similar, or you'll be plagiarising.
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They don't have to be accurate. The focus will be on what is happening, not what the people look like, I assume. A simple one will do fine.
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if you really want to get into drawing the human figure, I suggest getting an artist anatomy book. They're expensive, usually between $40 and $60, but they're worth it. If you're doing comics, just do something you can do really, don't worry about it, I mean it is a comic.
When you're doing comics, you need to draw something simple, cos you'll be drawing it over and over again.

I suggest guidelines:
Draw a stick figure first, then draw blocks on the sticks to add mass to the body, then draw curves over them and finally the outline. Then trace the outline in pen and erase the pencil guidelines. It helps a lot. You'll also be able to see which body parts overlap, so you won't have crossing lines and stuff.

Keep proportions constant. Usually, the total height of the body is equal to about 7 times the 'height' of the head. It doesn't have to be like this for cartoons, as long as you keep it constant. It'll look odd in a comic of characters grow or shrink throughout.

KEEP THE NUMBER OF FINGERS CONSTANT. Sorry, than annoys me personally. I've seen cartoons where characters have 3 fingers by default, but when they do something with their hand (no, not like THAT, you perverts) it shows them with 4 fingers.
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