Hey before i say anything i want everyone to know i searched this before i posted this.

im wondering whats the diffance between sound on an LP's and SG's

i know SG's lighter but what kind of music would style does an LP fit to an SG

i'm just wondering ....i'm new to guitars and have a les paul 100 and i've have not had the chance to play any SG's
go play an SG for yourself. Any guitar can suit any genre (respectively) it depends on the player
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Different Names?

They are pretty much the same IMO.
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LP's aren't ugly, and SG's are.
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LP has a bit smoother tone, while the SG sounds more aggresive, but that's from my personal experience.
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go play an SG for yourself. Any guitar can suit any genre (respectively) it depends on the player

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that should tell you a lot

although for guitars like that, its mostly preference

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As everyone has said, SGs have a more aggressive tone, better upper fret access, are a lot lighter, but because of the lighter body weight they are very poorly balanced. Les pauls have a thicker, smoother tone, and are better balanced, but the upper fret access isn't great. Basically they have their advantages and disadvantages, neither is "better".
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dude a les paul 100 is NOT a good les paul reference, especially into your MG/Frontman/epi starter
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dude a les paul 100 is NOT a good les paul reference, especially into your MG/Frontman/epi starter

That's a good point.

It's shaped like a Les Paul. That's about it.
SGs have a little more mid-rangey tone and a little more bite. Other than that, it's sounds very similar to a Les Paul.
les paul has more sustain because of the more massive body and the maple top.

the SG is solid mahogany, where as the LP is mahogany with a maple top (also the mahogany on the LP has chambers routed into it)

The maple top provides a brighter sound than just mahogany. Mahogany only will be a warmer tone.

the chambers in the LP, whilst originally included to provide weight relief, have been tweaked to provide "tonal benfits" such as a louder acoustic sound, more resonance and sustain.

the SG is easier for fret access (as someone has already said) plus the SG is lighter

hope that helps


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I prefer to feel the sound of a Les Paul as beefy and SG as beefy but not as beefy as Les Paul. And Les Paul is more beautiful, imo :P

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The Les Pauls have a beefier tone, and have deeper cleans, while the SG's will tend to be sharper, and better for Blues in my opinion.
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only dif is the weight and the # of cut aways
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