Hey guys i'm kinda a starter and I wanna get this holding the pick thing done right. Right now I'm holding the pick the standard way, thumb across my index finger, I find my upstrokes always move the pick. What muscles in my fingers should be applying pressure to hold the pick, the tip of my index finger and the pad of my thumb? or the first joint of my index finger and the pad of my thumb? What two areas should be applying pressure to hold the pick?

take your index finger and point it straight out.

curl it in. tightly.

pick should be placed on top of index finger so that it is pointing perpendicular to the last joint.

place thumb over pick.
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ok so am I holding my thumb over my joint? (pressure applied on joint?)
hm can anyone help with this? Maybe theres no "correct" way I guess. Am I supposed to be using my index finger tip muscles at all to hold the pick?
Well I just hold it between my thumb and index, applying pressure with the tip of both my index and thumb. The pick goes straight down from my finger tips. If you're just downstroking hold the pick tightly, but if you have to strum both ways, loosen your grip slightly so the pick flows over the strings easier.
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Hope this helps


wow thanks for the pics rcshadow

So I think I am holding the pic correctly but i'm squeezing the pad of my thumb against the side of my first finger, it looks similar to your sideview picture. I can easily imitate that grip but I don't know how I should be tightening my fingers.

Right now the pressure is purely against the side of my index and the padding of my thumb with the tip of my index sticking out not really bieng used at all.
All I can add is this. When I first started playing I had all kinds of trouble getting the pick to stay put. My first round was to put sandpaper on the pick. This worked but didn't last over a month or so.

I went to my local music store and explained my grip problem. I told the guy what I had been doing but I read about some picks with a molded grip on them. The sales guy slid a box of Snarling Dogs Brain Picks at me and I have been using them since that time. Take a look...


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