i think kirk and james from metallica use ernie ball strings
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It really doesn't matter... the only thing you should be looking for in strings would be the right gauge (obviously) and the amount of time they last.
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good god, strings are strings...the difference is more preferance for comfort than genre. just make sure you get the right gague
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Get strings made of razorwire, that's the only way to be truly metal.
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Yep, depends more on the string gauge.

If you are planning on playing maybe rhythm alone then either 10-46(regular), or 11-48 (heavy i think)will do, but it will make playing lead harder. If you want to do both then either regular or light (9-42) although light wont sound as chunky on the rhythm, it can still do a decent job. But id say just a regular would be a good all rounder for thrash. but tone is also important.