like wat strings and gauges do u prefer for like optimal drop tunings

right now im usung ernieball not even slinky's (12 16 24p 32 44 56 gauges) and ive been mainly playin in drop a, b standard and drop b and i was jus wonderin if anybody on here had any particular gauge sizes or strings tht they prefer or think wrk best best for those tunings

or jus watever strings and tunings you like best all together XD
It depends on your type of sound. i play mostly metal and progressive stuff i use custom strings heavy for power chords cause they take a beating and light for the higher notes for shredding and melodies. i use ghs boomers
I'm currently tuned in Eb standard, and I use Ernieball Hybrid Slink (09-46). They're like 9's on e B G and 10's on D A E. Probably a little light with Eb but I like it
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