And unlike the electric guitar I don't know anything about which brand is good, which one is crap, etc... So, I'm looking for a decent 6 string acoustic in the $500 range, what would you guys recommend?
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Epiphone Masterbilt.

+1 Really. These are probably the best series of acoustics for the 400-600$ range. I have an EF-500M and I have to say its the best thing I could dream of. I"m an intermediate player I'd say that's been playin for about a year. Its great for anything really...like Jack Johnson-ie stuff to other stuff like some soloing..It can handle pretty much anything and is very versatile, not to mention very comfortable. Go check out some of their guitars, you won't regret it .
Awesome, I definitely will check out the Epiphone acoustics, thanks a lot for the tip dudes.
check out some seagulls as well dude. they have a slightly wider nut, they seem to be highly recommended by many.
And i think its about time someone did a sticky for which guitar under $500 thread, similar to the which guitar under $300 thread.
I've played them all. owned most of them too. The epiphone or gibson is nice. I recently bought a Laguna For a little over 6. It is relly nice so far! Exotic wood and a very playable neck. Fishman electronics.

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I heard Stagg SW 201 is recommended for it's durability and average/good sound quality. Should be in that price category, too.
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I think Art&Lutherie has some very good guitars in that price range, you should check them out aswell. but i think the best deal you can get is the seagull S6
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Awesome, thanks a lot for the input, I'll definitely check out all the guitars mentioned in this thread.