let this be the thread for help on topics related to profile completeness only

i hav one

how do u subscribe to a tab?
is it by searching for a band/song
on a person's profile, songs that they hav tabbed
or what?
im confused.
Go to a band you want to subscribe to-
Then you look at the bands name on the main page for their tabs, and look to the right, and down a little bit.

There will be a button that says "add to favorites" and you click that, and confirm you want to add them.

Once you do, there will be updates on the front page on the right middle side. It will say "you have one new update" when someone has submitted a tab or an article.

Hope that works


^ how to add (subscribe to) a band

^ how it will appear on the front page when there is a new tab/article
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