i really cand effing decide on what amp, cuz im afraid it will burn up or somtin.. seriously.. HELP!!, budget is about 400-500 bucks and i play all sorts of metal music, especially melodeath, right now i have an 8 inch bose, but its gettin scrathced up
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1)Ampeg is not the be all and end all. In fact, many people would never want one.
2)Ampeg's only really decent stuff is there all tube heads. Not somehing you will get with $500.

To TS, what sort of power will you need?
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Really, there is no amp that goes good with a particular bass, it's all preference. Ampeg may be what you want, but there's also Ashdown, MarkBass, Gallien-Krueger, and many others.
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try diff amps in your stores I usually hear good about Ampeg,Ashdown,GK, and Fender makes decent amps too. Hartkes are realy nice too
Mark Bass for $500? Doubt it
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also whats a warlock im seriously considering either getting a warlock or a mockingbird and barely anywhere near has them i need to venture to a GC