Could some people help what are some of the things you do to practic ear training i have the music theory for idoits book and thats not really helping. could you guys some ideals about how you went about it.
There's lots of things to do: Do interval practice, try to distinguish between different chords (Minor/Major/Aug/Dim/7th/Maj7th/etc). Get a melody in your head, and play it out on the first time, really think about it before you do. Singing the intervals helps. Identifying arpeggios and chord inversions. You should get a theory teacher to help you get started on ear training.
Learn the sounds of the intervals... This really should be the first thing they teach young guitarists, instead of memorizing this scale or that scale... Learn your intervals, the sounds of each, and you will be able to translate what you hear in your head into music.

Also, probably 90% of rock songs are in E or Em, so that's a good place to start if you're trying to learn songs by ear. If that doesnt work, try Am.. If its some jangly, REM style song, try G, A, or D
http://www.musictheory.net/ Go to Trainer>Interval/Scale/Chord Ear Trainer

Transcribing songs is good practice.

It may sound weird but try singing to songs. When you sing along with songs, you're constantly listening to make sure you're matching the pitch, that definetly helps.
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I posted this in a thread a week ago or so it's what I do for ear training...

There's heaps of different drills you can do. My Ear Training consists of three times a day excercises.

1. At the start of my session before my warm ups I do Intervals. I play an interval and sing it and spell it and sing it again up and down. I stay on an interval until I think I've got it pretty good then go on to the next. I stick with one interval for at least a week. I do this for at least 15 minutes solid.

2. At the end of my practice session I do chords. I do this by playing random 3 or 4 notes at random harmonically. Then I try to pick out each note and sing it. Then I figure out the note names the chord name and the intervals and say it all and sing it out loud and play the whole thing again and sing the notes again.

3. At night when I hop in bed I have the lights off and lie there with my guitar and play a note and let it ring. I just listen to the note and think of it's name. Even when the string stops vibrating I still hear the note very clearly long after in my head. Then after thinking of the note for a couple minutes I'll hum the note out loud and check it by playing the note again. I do this till I'm ready to sleep then I put the guitar down next to my bed and go to sleep with the note still in my mind. I play the different notes at different octaves in each session and spend about a week on each note.

Transcribing songs is very very good too. And playing along to songs on the radio.

I test myself on a website once a week to see if my ear is improving. I don't always get everything right. In the beginning it was really hard I was totally crap. But I am getting better.

Ear training can be pretty boring compared to other kinds of practicing - so it takes real discipline but is very rewarding. Go Hard!!