I was wondering, with Sam Ash's great selection, which guitar I should get if I like playing punk/metal. I ultimately came to:

-Washburn X29E(info avalible on Sam Ash website)
-ESP MH250(www.musiciansfriend.com, search it)
-Epiphone 1958 Goth Xplorer(also on musiciansfriend.com)

I like EMG pickups, or in the Washburn's case the Select pickups(they were designed by EMG), so Epiphone is at a little disadvantage. I need answers soon, cause I know if I don't buy it soon I'm gonna end up buying something else.
NONE of those guitars are good for punk but for metal i would suggest the explorer or the ESP
Rockin' shit
No gibson cause it's out of my price range, and now I'm considering an Ibanez.
an RG350DX or an RGr460EX seems good.
Can you list us you're favorite bands.

Green Day and Slipnot fall under the umbrella of genre you like.

If you like any tones in between, go with a Schecter without EMG's or a ESP with Duncans.