Hey guys. I've played for a while now (just under 2 years) and i'm looking to experiment with new sounds. I have an OverDrive pedal but am in the market for a Wah.

I like the look of the Weeping Demon wah. In principle its a guitar Wah, but i've read reviews written by bass players saying they loved it and it had some sort of bass setting. No i haven't tried it out and my local music shop, which usually has anything has no bass wahs in stock at the moment.

My question would be would anyone recommend it for bass or suggest an alternative (nb have already tried the morley a long while ago and didn't like it too much, might just have been my noobishness but oh well).
I tried it out several times when it came out, since at the time i relied heavily on ibanez tone lok pedals, and it was a bit too weird as far as sounds...definitely not your traditional wah. I'd suggest you to try it out, while for guitar it was a bit too extreme usually a bass player uses it for interesting sounds so the quirkier the better and so far this tops that list for me. Give it a try, as most ibanez products it's pretty easy to find and try out. If what your are looking though is something more traditional go for a dunlop guitar wah.

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It may be good, but unless it is EXACTLY what you are looking for, you're better of with a bass wah. The reason? All of their settings work for bass, while the Weeping Demon only has a few settings that work.
I use mine for guitar and bass....works ok on bass but it's too....Trebly I guess you'd call it. I'm not sure how too explain it but it totally kills my bass tone.....
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