I got a Line 6 Lowdown LD175 a while ago for band practices and i was hoping gigs but things never really took of, and to be honest i'm not too impressed with it. it's kinda boring, not really my style i think
it was something like £300 brand new. how much should i sell it for? it's in immaculate condition, only used for home practice and never even turned up to full volume

selling this amp means i need a new one and i was wondering what everyone on here thinks.
don't really want to go over the price that i sell the Line 6 for, and i'm thinking it should be around 100 watts or something. i play a fair variety of music but it's mainly punk, classic rock and ska. don't really want to mess around with heads and cabs so it should be a combo.
what do you all think? any particular amps you can recommend?
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Laney RB series are good. To my ears anyway.
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