Well, I have an Ibanez RGR320ex with an Edge 3 bridge, and I decided to replace the strings cause they were getting a little rusty. So I previously had EB Super Slinky's (.9 gauges) there, and I decided to go to a higher gauge, and I went for the EB power slinkys (.11 gauges).

So I replace the strings into the bridge as usual (cut off the tip, slide in and lock tight), and then I go to tighten them at the neck, and then I go to fine tune, but when all is in tune, my bridge is about a whole inch leaning down as if I was dive bombing the whammy bar!

Basically as I tighten the strings, the bridge leans more towards the neck (which enables me to whammy)

I know that is SHOULD look like this...

but it looks like it is being held down (which it is by the strings!)

Please could someone help me, I really wanna play, but I cant right now.

It needs to be set up for the higher tension that the .11's give. Tighten the trem springs on the back.