When I sing and record myself, I absolutely hate how my voice sounds. Is it normal to hate one's voice?
I don't hate mine exactly but when I hear it [recorded or something] I am always thinking:

"Why the **** do I sound squeeky?"
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I don't sound squeaky...just plain bad. But the only reason I'm worried about this is because people tell me I sing quite well and I get solos in school concerts...so it doesn't make any sense.
Its natural to dislike your voice, especially when recorded at home without an audience, its hard to bring up the passion you get at live performances, so it may also be a lack of confidence in the studio. My advice, pretend that you are on stage, singing to 500+ people who all love you and sing your heart out
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I have problems with that cause i think it sounds diferent from when i talk.


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Its becouse when you hear your own voice normally it doesn't go directly into your ear.
we hear ourselves differently because the way the bones and sinuses in our skull make our voice revereberate...i sound like a dying cow when i record my voice
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