what distortion pedal (great for all kinds of metal exept glam) would you recommend for me(cheap and great for small gigs)
You're not gonna find a cheap metal pedal that's good for small gigs...
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but yeah, those two should be good but don't expect miracles due to your amp which could do with replacing.

Actually... you could save a bit more and get a Micro Cube, which has good distortion on it's own. Maybe stretch even further and get a Cube 30. They're very good amps and are much better quality than that Epi amp you have. They're cheap too!
I've always used Insane channel on my Spider III amp (only good thing about the amp to be honest), it had a ton of nice distortion. Now I have a Valveking which again has enough distortion at good volumes. I had a metal muff for a while and no matter what other say its a great pedal for 'lighter' metal styles like thrash. It doesn't really have a good low end punch for hardcore fans. But from my experience with pedals and amps I gotta say its all up to your personal taste. Just remember that there is not a single pedal that is suitable for every situation. Would I suggest metal muff? Yes. Would I suggest Boss metal core or metal zone? Yes. Just don't get those digitech metal master or whatever they are pedals, its nothing but a modeling amp in a box. Easier to get a vox modeling amp instead. Get a solid metal pedal, 1 type of gain goodness, no multiple styles bull****... they don't give you the same tonality. Look for a used pedal on Ebay if you are on a tight budget, can usually save a few ten dollar bills there.
hey ..... im not sure what to pick my choises are the nano metal muff , the grunge pedal, the death metal pedal or the ds-1 distortion pedal.

feel free to comment about my cheapness...
out of them id probly take the muff
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