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almost every family has a different way of asking for the remote for their, if you were to ask for the remote, what would you out at the end of the following sentence

"pass the..."

personally, id say "pass the buttons"
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pass the buttons? wtf?

I use a pool cue
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Converter.. My lady calls it the clicker.. we have heated discussions about this topic.
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yeh, buttons is a strange way to put nick dixon - you use a pool cue??

im only posting cos we had quite a debate about it recording today (Y)
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i don't know why
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Remote. Or clicker. My grandad calls it the thingymajig. What a guy.
Also sometimes the zapper.

Edit: WTF guy below me.


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pass the buttons? wtf?

I use a pool cue

This is EXACTLY what I thought as well.

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i don't know why

Yes. I know why, because it's the best way to say it!
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The thingummy or the clicker.
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My family calls it the "TV changer", but that sounds stupid to me. Remote.

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We just call it a remote because we're boring lol, liking the random question though very nice lol.
Its the remote really, but we kinda say "give me the remote" instead of being all polite.
Pass the button stick/wand is usually what I say.
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Remote, controller, or remote control.

Whenever someone calls it a "clicker", I get angry...
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"pass the dildo"

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i'd a fight with a girl about this last night. she said clicker. i said remote.
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Whenever someone calls it a "clicker", I get angry...

That's understandable!
The box.
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Control, but in a Spanish accent.

Pasame el control.

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The Searchbar

just kidding, it had to be done. it would kinda make sense to call it that tough.

i just say remote.

didn't Clicker com from the older remotes, because the buttons actually clicked?
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