Hey so first of all, I know the ****ty reputation of the MG series. it sucks, i should just throw it away, blah blah blah. Im really just looking for a response from someone who knows alot about the electronic/technical stuff so I can try fixing the head and learning a little bit along the way.
Anyways, I was given an MG100HDFX head by my friend because he said it was broken and I wanted to fix it. He told me that he took it to a tech at guitar center and all that I remember him saying is something along the lines of 'its pointless to just replace the fuses because they will blow everytime you turn on the amp'. Does anyone have any idea of what could be wrong with the head, and how I could go about fixing it?
It isn't worth fixing. He said it will blow fuses because it is a cheaply made piece of crap.
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i've said it before and i'll say it again

"if a tube amp breaks, you make a tech fix it. if an SS breaks, you buy a new amp"

theyre basically computers with speakers. whatevers broken is prolly really tiny, and the whlole circuit needs replacing. could be anything from one resistor to an IC to a power supply
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send an email to Marshall, they're pretty helpful guys.
plus you wont get any help here.
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Haha...agree with ya on this. Also, the Marshall Amp Forum might help, although it is not nearly as active as UG. People over there are busy enjoying their gear

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send an email to Marshall, they're pretty helpful guys.
plus you wont get any help here.
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A trash can will fix a Marshall MG.

They also make great firewood

But ya, it's going to cost a **** load to fix X(
The upside to SS is its cheaper to make. But its alot harder to fix. Theres way to much that can go wrong inside just a simple SS amp. Much less one like a MG with a digital processor. You could pull your hair out trying to figure it out and still get no where. And getting some parts could be a serious problem. Cut your losses.