I want to get a Jackson WRXT Warrior. Is that a good choice? what would i be expecting in it? what amp should i use(has to be under $150)? if theres not a good amp like that ill find a good used one for the discounted price.is the guitar even woth buying? does it sound good? the reviews diddnt tell me too much, exept for, its a worth-while guitar. if you dont think the guitar is good, what would u suggest i get? i plan to get a new guitar in 5 months. hopefully whatever one im gonna get is gonna be in stock.

also im not looking for a reg. strat shaped guitar. or a v shaped guitar. i want one thats sort of irregullar shaped but still comfortable. the x warrior looks the best for me, cuz i want a 24 fret guitar, with a whammy bar. if ur willing to, educate me about pickups and what "basswood body" means. what are the best brand of strings too? i want opinions and facts. cuz i dont want to spend possibly $700 on a guitar that isnt any good. also, why does it cost more for a transparent color?
1st of all, if you're playing through a bad amp, anything will sound relatively bad, so if you need a new amp get that first. and what is your budget?
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basswood is a very light and soft wood used in most of the cheaper guitars. it dents very easy. string are a kind of individual thing. because i like a certain kind does not mean you would.
my budget? well im saving up right now, cuz i dont have a job its gonna be a while before i can get anything. so really, my parents would probably buy a $50 amp if i convinced them to buy one at a pawn shop. whats a good brand of amps? i have an SP.10 from fender

P.S. I cant get a job cuz im 14. i plan to get the guitar on my 15th birthday. if it dont work out, ill find a job and save up quicker with that. i dont want ppl to think i cant get a job cuz im a bum. cuz im not, im under age. and i may go work at seaworld since they're one of the only places that hire 15 yr olds here.