this is my unfinished song but it is getting there....just need a chorus now....pls crit...anything helps

I always thought our love would last forever

I guess im not good enough for you

Not good enough for your freinds or your family

I lived in your shadow because i love you

Now I think love is just a word

Used to break hearts and rip your life apart

I hate being hurt and left alone in the light

Without you by my side,I wonder if you think of me

I try to understand why things happen like this

I just got to understand that this is gods plan

For me to be turned into a man


Try to for give all the bad

And wish nothing bad ever happens

Until it happens to me I get knocked down like the Twin Towers

It feels like I am taking baby steps again to try and get what I think I deserve

But I guess im not good enough for your heart,your feelings,your love,or you

Like a stop sign on a corner I stand alone

Getting vandalized by people I though cared for me

And even though I told you that you were my heart

You still ripped my heart apart

I though love was supposed to make you feel good

Love just makes my heart break apart and turn into blood

Bad blood that runs through my veins and makes me feel pain

Your not the same person I fell in love with even though you look like the same person i fell in love with

So I stayed with you through everything even the bulls***

I tried to clear my eyes of the tears but

Even if I do that I still hear the pain through my ears

I used to look up to you like somebody I could trust my heart and life with

Now it feels like my heart has been thrown in to dirt and s***

I thought you loved me

If you truly loved me you would risk your freinds and everybody just for me

I lost a ton of freinds just going back to you

But I guess it was the right thing to do

Reason why I did it......................................................

Because I f***ing love you
i thought that also but it kinda has to be wordy to get the whole feeling and point across
try something like:

Try to forgive all the bad
keep the evil around,
for hours,
'till it knocks me down,
like the twin towers

idk you'll figure something out

btw, if you have time maybe you can shoot me some comments
i'd really appreciate it