Hey everyone,

Im scouting for a bit of talent today, and seeing as the UG community is so huge i reckon i stand a good chance of finding some. If anyone is interested in creating flash animations, short films, cartoons, or any thing sort of creatively media based, then please read. Im really looking for anything and everything, if youv drawn a little pice in Flash or even in MS paint id like to see it, or if youv thrown together a funny 5 second animation from whatever programme, id like to see it, if you and your freinds have made a makeshift amateur film id like to see it. Im part of an animation/media forum called Revolve (previously Stealth Studios), were a small community just doing what we do drawing, posting, messaing etc. Anyway were looking to see some new talent and hopefully some new members who can inspire us. If your intrested to see some of the work our members have already done heres an example of an animation by Alec Smith:

Roobix Cube

That was a short little fun throw away that he did, but hell, why not upload it onto Youtube.

Heres another funny one, Screw You episode 6

Bear in mind that the examples above are pritty much the best we have, were all amateurs and not very experienced, but were open to new ideas. So if youd like to drop by the URL is:


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