I originally went in to look at the Vox ad50vt and the Roland cube 30 amps, but after talking with the sales guy the conversation moved to tube amps. So he showed me the Peavey Valveking, but that was way to loud for a bedroom amp. He next showed me a Fender blues jr. That had a nice clean tone , but didnt have a gain on it, it was also a little over my price range at 439.00. So the guy goes into the back room and comes out with a crate v1512. He explained that it was a discontinued model and the new one that replaced it was made china and not in the usa anymore. The clean channel was not as clean as the fender, but I dont think I would have noticed if it wasn't a side by side comparison. The gain on the other hand sounds really good for classic rock and blues. I also ended up by buying an Ibanez tube screamer pedal so I could get that nice crunch without having to turn the volume all the way up. 15 watt tube is still to loud for a bedroom. Anyway I bought it on the spot for 199.00 which I thought was a pretty good deal for a class A tube amp.
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I'm pretty excited about it. The only thing it is lacking is a line out jack. that would have been sweet. Trying to find a chorus/flanger pedal, but coming up empty. I could get seperate pedals, but i dont want to end up with a bunch of pedals, trying to find a single unit that has all effects.
nice, hope you enjoy the first time everyone leaves the house and you can crank it
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nice, hope you enjoy the first time everyone leaves the house and you can crank it

No kidding that thing is insanely loud for 15wts. I have been toying with the idea of dropping a celestion vintage 30 speaker into it for a richer sound. the speaker is only 80.00 and should help out on the cleans