Been playing electric for 11 months, never thought I would want to take up classical

It's a Yamaha CG111S with a solid spruce top. Got it a Long and McQuade for $275 (things are a bit more expensive in Canada). Think it's a good buy? I compared it to other more expensive guitars and they all sounded similar so I just got this since everyone says Yamaha makes solid guitars.

Note how my electric is symbolically lying on the floor versus my classical on the stand lol jk

One question though. For a spruce top it pretty red\orangecompared to pictures of it I see. Look more like cedar. I guesse it's stained right?

yeah i also have a yamaha classical (c-40) and it's the finish and a light stain that give it that orang look. i took a pair of pliars to it the other day (don't ask) and it is very light under the finish
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ah nice! Yamaha rule !!^^
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