1st of all...

our only song is called the harry potter plotter


our vocalist has a voice that is like high sounds like a person that would sing the great escape...which we all hate including him.


drummer is not that great


im the only person in the band besides our vocalist who has even the slightest knowledge of what music theory is (maybe our vocalist, but still not much there) I realise the sounds elitist...maybe it is idk...also im the only one with a pitch besides vocalist


nobody in my band is creative enough to write lyrics...


Our drummer thoroughly enjoys beating up our vocalist...and our vocalist enjoys being beat up...I don't know why but...he does


You see our vocalist is actually a great singer when he is in chorus in stuff but single him out and he starts trying to be funny when he sings.

So...we usually end up playing covers that takes care of 5....6 isn't a huge problem but w/e...4...as long as my vocalist stays in key im good...1 well we probably won't ever get away form that...3rd, i can handle that he doesn't mind boring parts...

but problem #2 is quite hard to get around. We can't really play to many metal songs cause of that..along with other stuff

SO if any1 has a suggestion in the way of ways to get my singer more serious, songs we could play (im not a guitar god...)

It'd be pretty helpful

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Start training yourself to sing and maybe you take over as the singer/guitar player, but if you can't sing and play together, that's a problem, and it takes time I had a vocalist at one time who didn't come to rehearsals and when we played with him, he ****ed up everything. After going through 2 vocalists, I took over as the singer. Take your vocalist aside and tell him to cut it out, and take things more seriously.
screw it
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uhh if your singer has a very high voice try doing some 80s hair metal like Dokken and Moltey Crue or some Iron Maiden/Judas Priest. Thats good metal for ya

You could also do some epic queen tunes, nicee.

Anyway, good luck. You guys will work out your kinks in a bit
Quote by Superstrat101
uhh if your singer has a very high voice try doing some 80s hair metal like Dokken and Moltey Crue or some Iron Maiden/Judas Priest. Thats good metal for ya

You could also do some epic queen tunes, nicee.

Anyway, good luck. You guys will work out your kinks in a bit


Do some Queen! There arent enough bands that cover Queen. Since he has a higher voice do it!
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You or the bassist can try singing?
The vocal can do tambourine or something.

Or kick him.
Unless he can play rythm guitar?
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uhh we dont have a bassist...just me on guitar

he isn't very good at getting that almost like distorted sound of voice if you know what I mean?

and I'm not that great at singing.

He could always play trumpet...lol he knows 5 notes!

He could just play the pentatonic scale :p
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1st. change the tittle. it's gay

2nd. try doing some high pitch screaming like three inches of blood stuff (if that's what you're into if not, **** him and start learning to sing yourself or get another another)

3rd. tell him to practice

4th. tell everyone to go to ug, take lessons on it, or look on youtube for it

5th. tell them to jot down stuff that they experience in a little journal or something. that's pretty much how most lyrics are made. get together, mix it up or put them into seperate songs. writing down your views and opinions about things is good too

6th. your vocalist sounds like sponge bob.... your drummer sounds like a douche.


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quit the band and join a new one. get better at your instrument. or you can just jam with the guys for fun and be so serious about it
1) Title change. Just write more songs.
2) Tell him to improve or show him the door.
3) ^
4) Then you write the songs, or correct everyone elses music until it is theoretically sound.
5) Find people that write. Write instrumentals, solves the singer problem.
6) So? Beat the sh*t out of both of them and tell them to get their act together.
1. That's fine, a song is a song. You'll make more eventually.
2. Who says that you have to make every cover sound super like the original?
3. He'll get better, everyone eventually does with practice. And tell him to practice tempos and stuff, not every drummer can be flashy.
4. That's also fine, many people have no clue about theory but can still write good stuff.
5. In my band, I usually write lyrics and show them to everybody and we have a discussion about what needs to be changed. Or we create them as a group, like if we all experience something similar we can usually make a song out of it.
6. That's just having fun, but if it gets in the way, lay the law. It's a band, you're supposed to be friends.
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1. Change the name of the song? And keep on writing, I write plenty of **** music, but occasionally I come up with something I like. I now have a library of stuff I've written.

(not actually a library, but yeah)

2. Get him to take vocal lessons, in the end you might have to ditch him if his voice isn't suitable.

3. Get the drummer to practice with a metronome, and make sure he does it. You don't need to rush things, neither does he, he can start playing quavers at 80 bpm, just a simple 4/4 beat, and advance from there.

4. The Beatles didn't know much theory, look where they got. (musically)

5. Read.

6. Erm.