Hello all,

Question one of two, There is a used bass for sale locally it is a 1998 Fender MIM Jazz Bass left handed, Would 225 Canadian be a good price for this. Its listed as 300 but its also OBO

Question two of two, I did use the search bar on this... so don't bring it up I never got the real answer. Im right handed and would all I have to do to make this lefty a righty is buy a new nut, adjust the truss rod and do a set up (possible buy a bad ass 2 bridge for it ass well) and switch the strap nub to the other horn.
I am aware of the volume and tone nobs and it possible being awkward to play being a righty. will it really be that awkward.

Thanks for your time.


it will be awkward if that's the only bass you play on and you try to play another bass.
personally i'd just do as smb said and buy a righty off eBay or something.
say 225 theyll most likely say 250, any under than 225 im guessing its a no. i want a lefty bass =( good luck
Ebay isn't an option for me and thats the cheapest descent used bass in my area.
lol, do not even consider trying this. Not part of this sounds like a good plan.

and yes... it will be THAT awkward.
The knobs won't be awkward, really, but it'll look weird and what's normally the top horn would really be in your way on the upper frets. Were this a flying V bass, you'd be fine...but a Jazz, notsomuch.
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I don't wanna sound like a dream-ruiner. BUT I'd say get a right handed one.

Check out the japanese models.
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Check out the japanese models.
Great advice, but he's looking for a bass