i need some help on my lyrics that i've written
any advice would be good

just some info

i write medium tempo songs but i am hoping to change that
this one is called but it's a lie

look i'm hoping to speed up the tempo so it doesn't sound like a gushy love song
but i also don't like the rythym and beat the words have

here are the lyrics:

i've never felt like this

but we'll never have fun together

you don't affect me baby

don't watch while i cry

i believed in love,

but it's a lie

i believed in you,

to help me out with life,


if there was somethin to do to change my sorrow,

i would take control

but its all a lie

you know that I love you,

you know that i try

how does this help us?

please god tell me why

all the while she sits there

crying through the night

you've broken our hearts now,

and it's still a lie

back to chorus

i'm sorry for your pain

i'm also sorry for mine

i'll give it my all

to get it right this time

i shouldn't have left you

but its still a lie

back to to final chorus except that there is a final "but it's a lie" at the end

please help with this

again any advice is welcome

but we all probably wrote songs like this at one point so don't hate on this