Is this usually used?
I had some trouble with it, and I'm finding downstrokes much easier but this is a problem with songs like Goodbye Forever by Alkaline Trio, seeing as it is rather fast (for a beginner, anyways.)
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To answer your question, most of the time, no.
If you feel like your downstroke isn't fast enough by itself, try angling the pick when you come back up. Otherwise, flexing your wrist for more control will help you hit just the number of strings you want.
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usually for a steady, semi-fast power chord rhythm, you strum the chords with both up and down strokes.

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for ska

edit: yes you can use both, i thought you meant only
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Yeah you can alternate pick power chords i know alkaline Trio does it on quite a bit of there stuff (i know how to play most of there songs)

you should check out there cd Agony and Irony that came out on the 1st its great with awesome sound guitar thats easy to play