Hi there. I am a guitar and bass player but with only one amp and that happens to be a bass amp. I play my guitar through my bass amp and to me it sounds fine and its a really loud amp too, so i see no need to get a guitar amp but then i was thinking, maybe i should ask if there would really be a difference in the sound. So thats why Im posting this. And the amp i have is a like 400$ish fender combo bass amp. I would really appreciate some help, thanks!
Bass amps work great with guitars, many blues players use bass amps as they prefer the sound.
Tonewise, as you can expect you get a bassy-er warmer sound from a bass amp than a guitar.

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I do the same thing and the only problem I have with it is that it like, cuts out the sound when you play some higher notes and on most pinch harmonics
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Depends what you're going to be playing.

If you play a bunch of lower gain stuff with some bluesy influences, it's fine.

If you're playing heavier music like metal/hard rock, there's much better out there for the tone.

However, you seem to be more of a bass player anyway, so I wouldn't be too fussed about how the guitar sounds as long as it sounds good to you.
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Really the only bass amp i see blues players using on a regular basis are vintage or reissue bassman amps. Those are practically guitar amps, these days.

But if your main focus is bass, and it sounds fine, then don't waste your money on a guitar amp.
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