Ok soo i have the roland microcube amp and it rocks i love it soo much but there is one flaw in it and i have a question.

Can u use pedals effectively with the microcube? like what amp model would u use for the pedal jc clean? i dunno if it will work or not.

i want to play songs like kryptonite, chop suey etc (songs that change from clean to distortion) without turning the dial

if i turned the dial the timing would be off on the songs etc and thats is a problem i do not want this is y i need an answer lol

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But you can use pedals with the microcube, but if you want a distortion pedal, don't look at Boss.
Do they have any major problems? I got like 5 Boss pedals on my wish list for my b-day.
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The distortion pedal's are pure crap, give or take the Blues Driver. I had a mt-2, sounded like complete bull poop after 3 months, and now my sd-1 is crapping out on me. Also the metal core pedal lacked thickness to it.
I've got a Boss OD-20 Drive Zone and I've had it for...3ish years, and I love it. It's a really versatile pedal and I recommend it. It's just a great deal.
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The MT-2 is good if you buy it used and then mod it. Stock it's pretty crappy unless you know what you're doing.

Speaking of which... I have one for sale!
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i have the os-2, it sounds like a toy.

a distortion petal through the clean chanel will sound like the pedal. is that what you wanted to know?

i have the cube 60. i like mild distortion pedals through a slightly crunchy drive channel. lots of harmonics.
I don't know about Boss pedals, but when I try to use my MXR Wylde Od it doesn't give much overdrive. Even compared to my crappy crate amp.
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Do they have any major problems? I got like 5 Boss pedals on my wish list for my b-day.

i did the same, and sold all but 1
CHANGE IMMEDIATELY, tell me what pedals you are looking to get, and i'll tell you what i got to replace them which were MUCH better
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