I learned to change them but i have a question
what string gauge do guitars usually bring?
i wanna buy new ones for my strat
It's all up to personal preference and how strong your fingers are. If you've never changed the strings on your guitar, they've probably got 9's, maybe 10's.
Most likely your guitar has 9's in it.

The thicker strings have a better tone IMHO, while the thinner strings are easier to play fast and bend on but give a really weak tone. Although, if you use EMG's, I suppose it doesn't even matter.
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probably 9s are the stock strings.
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If you go too far either way when you buy new strings (like say from a 9 to an 11) look to having to adjust the tremolo (if you have one) and possibly the truss rod as well. I have used 8s and 9s on my strat with not much of an adjustment on the trem and no adj to the truss rod but if I put 10s or 11s the truss needs to be adj and definately the trem.
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