Anyone know if using a guitar's toggle switch as a kill-switch, like tom morello (rage against the machine), is bad for a guitar? Also, even if it's not too harmful to do every once in a while, what about doing it constantly? The reason why I'm asking is because I just bought an Epiphone Les Paul Ultra and don't want to kill it too fast.
Depends on how much you do it. The toggle switch itself is pretty sturdy though. BUt I wouldnt do it too much, just to be safe.
dont do it
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Using it like Tom Morello would be bad for any guitar, for using it as a fast killswitch shouldn't do much :p
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i wouldn't sweat it really,even if you do it alot i'd imagine it would last a year or 2 at least and its a cheap and easy replace.
I do this on my Gibson Les Paul, just turn my rhythm all the way down and alternate between treble and rhythm quickly.