Having a few months ago discovered Jaco pastorius (a sin, considering I've been playing for 3 years), I'm suddenly very desperate to get a fretless and have a go at that beautiful sound myself. My requirements are pretty simple, below £400/$800, preferably lower than that as I don't have money to burn. Good quality and if at all possible, good looks as well, but any recommendations would be great. Ideally I'd like something like a fretless corvette, but that sure as hell ain't happening.
I'm in just about the same boat except I have more pressing monetary demands, goodluck to you, perhaps try a MIM
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now if you get a fret less..will that be your primary bass? or your on the side bass

I assume his Rickenbacker will be his primary bass, rich bastard.
have u heard of vintage guitars? all designed by trev wilkinson. theyve got a fretless jaco signature. their quality are pretty awsome, great value for money but its got COPY written all over it.
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You could remove frets yourself?

There's the Squier Vintage Modified Fretless J-bass... It's very cheap?

u stole my avatar.

But yea for a budget the squier is an option for you. Or check out ocean basses, they're only sold at guitar center I believe. Cheap and good playability
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