I can play along to this Guitar Pro song at about 80% speed. Above 80% speed I start making mistakes. I'd like to be able to play this song at 100% speed - which approach will allow me to play this song at 100% as quickly as possible?

-play along to the Guitar Pro song at 100% speed until I eventually can play along to it with no mistakes.

-set speed trainer at 80% - increase 5% every repetition til I'm playing along to it at 100%. Repeat until I can play it at 100% speed with no mistakes.

-play the song at 85% until I can play it perfectly, increase the speed to 90% and play along til I can play it perfectly, then increase it to 95% then 100% etc.

any suggestions welcome
play the lick you mess up the most.
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last one seems most logical
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the last way is the way to do it.

start at 80, play that however many times it takes to make it flawless

bring it up to 85, play that a million times so its flawless and continue