Wow dude! Thats a pretty awesome song. I loved everything about it. The tone is perfect, the drums are off the wall and rhythm keeps you going all the way till the end. It's hard to believe it's self produced!

Nothing negative here!!

You are shred goodness!!


Crit this if you got the time:

Cheers for the crit.

Really cool riff, pritty good sound quality.
I really like this. I like the harmonised guitars espeshilly.
I really cant think of any criticisms. Keep it up dude!
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Cool as ice.Thank Jebus it's not dragon and on and on force.
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Not much negative to say here. Love the riffs and the harmonic part is awsome! The solo is pretty cool too, you are very skilled. I really think vocals would make a pretty nice change, because it starts to be a little bit boring.

Myspace really messes up the sound quality, but sounds pretty nice.
the bass sounds like a motorcycle engine, i love the song!

it's soo ****ing tight!

needs vocals

whoa, you're guitarist can shred.

will you crit any of my songs on my page please? you have to hit view all mp3s to view them all!
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