I own a Mexican Stratocaster and i love. Bends, slides vibratos are really smooth. I play a lot of Jimi Hendrix and Ac/Dc. But I was wondering, is the Mexican Tele better than the Mexican Strat?

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Comparing a tele to a strat is like comparing an apple to a pack of condoms. Well, not quite that severe...

The strat is a generally more versatile, multi-use guitar that can be found often in jazz and blues. It plays a nice range of sounds from mellow to trebly.

The tele on the other hand, is primarily found in blues because of it's immediately identifiable trebly sound, that, if I may daresay, is almost quacky in character.

Telecaster bodies are also drastically different than Stratocaster bodies; they're generally not contoured.

Fore the music that you like to play, a Stratocaster fits well, although if you could lay your hands on a decent Fat Strat that would be even better (the 'bucker for AC/DC stuff).
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I think he wants to know which is better in terms of build quality.

Telecasters are simpler. They don't have a contoured body. They only have two pickups. No whammy bar. And they're not quite as popular because Jimi Hendrix isn't famous for playing them (although they seem to be gaining popularity). For these reasons, I think a $400 Tele probably has better build quality and higher quality parts than a $400 Strat.