A bright green, black, and blood red. Alien-bloodshed-theme. XD
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depends on the guitar shape. Swirls only really shine when they complement the guitar shape. If its an aggressive guitar style, use bright, agressive colors. If its a tame guitar, then choose one color, and then find out the complementery colors to that.

But blue black and bright green get my choice.
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do a silver base coat and swirl it purple and green
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All of them

chaotic enough.
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purple and glow in the dark green
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Hot pink and Black

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There are so many options, anything you pick will more than likely look badass
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+2 to the hot pink/black
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White base with a black and blue swirl

I've been thinking about doing Blue, but I've now decided that I'm doing Dark purple with a transition of colors To Med. Dark Blue, with a couple streaks of silver in there on a white base, so thanks for all your suggestions but I don't think I could handle Hot Pink and Black .