Poll: What option would be best for my Multi-FX?
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View poll results: What option would be best for my Multi-FX?
Buy roland JC-120
2 50%
Buy an atomic amp
1 25%
Keep and save for tube amp
1 25%
Voters: 4.
I have Zoom G9.2tt. I run it into a Crate GT212 SS 120 watt amp. I really like the sound, but I always strive to make it better. If I chose to upgrade, I would choose one of three paths.

1-Buy a Roland JC-120. Amazing cleans, takes pedals real well, as the Zoom has great pre-amps for a multi-fx. (in the long run but something such as a JCM800 later).

2-Buy an Atomic Amp. Tube power amp. Would it make the pedal kick more ass than it is?

3-Keep the Crate and just save for a new all tube amp such as a JCM900 (or other).
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option 1
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Option 3

You want good tone?
save for the tube amp, ditch the multi-fx, and buy some individiual pedals. Thank you sir, have a nice day.